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Why Hire A Home Care Companion For Your Loved One?

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

As our senior loved ones age their daily life becomes more difficult on many levels. Some may find it a challenge too get around, others may feel lonely and isolated due to a lack of social interaction while others medical needs have become more detrimental. Your family may recognize these issues but find it hard to provide the necessary time to spend with your senior family member due to demands of work and family obligation. Receiving extra care with an outside agency can make a big difference in the lives of seniors and those family members who provide care to them. A Senior Companion can provide a wide array of services that benefit seniors and help them stay happy and independent in their homes for as long as possible. But is a Senior Companion the right option for your loved one?

Benefits of a Home Care Companion

1.They Can Help Maintain Senior Independence

As seniors age one of the leading contributors to their loneliness, isolation and depression is their loss of independence. Studies have proven that seniors are happier and feel more comfortable in their own homes. A Senior Companion can provide the friendly services required to assist with their independence and provide the companionship and friendship that they need. As a senior care companion, I have seen the depression in elderly clients when their driving privileges are taken away by the family, it then limits their social interaction. Even a trip to the grocery store provides a form of social interaction that many of us take for granted. However, a senior companion can accompany them and provide them with transportation so these social outings can continue.

2. Home Care Companions Can Provide Flexibility

The needs of each senior loved one are different, some may need a few hours a week and others may require more time. There are times when you may want to travel on a weekend or go on vacation but are reluctant to do so and leave your senior loved one unattended. A Senior Care Companion will work around their schedule as well as their needs and help no matter when or how much they are needed.

3. Services are Individualized to Meet the Needs of the Senior

We all have different needs and enjoy a multitude of different things! A Senior Companion Care Coordinator will come to your home and develop a care plan specific to the seniors individual needs. The list is endless but some of the general services we have found most requested are:

· Assistance with mobility and Transportation

· Light housekeeping, groceries and meals

· Attendance at local church and senior events

4. Provide Companionship and Decrease Loneliness

One of the largest problems faced by seniors is isolation and loneliness. Senior’s may not get out as much as they used to, may not socialize often, and may not receive time with their family as they would like. Seniors look forward to visits and Senior companions as they quickly become a friend in no time at all. This seemingly-small interaction with someone new can have significant impacts on a senior's happiness and overall well-being.

5. Benefits to the Family

Caring for a senior loved one can put a strain on a busy family. You may be worried about their well-being and safety when you are unable to be there and feel guilt ridden over this. Hiring a Senior Care Companion provides you with another set of helping hands to meet the needs of your loved one. While providing companionship it also gives the family much needed breaks and peace of mind and helps decrease the risk of feeling burnt out.

6. Companion Care is not Limited to Seniors Living at Home

Sometimes the companionship needs of seniors in Assisted Living Centers and Long Term Care Facilities is even greater. These facilities do provide a safe environment and meet their daily needs but often your loved one feels alone and isolated. A Senior Companion can visit the center and provide them with interactive activities and become a friend they look forward to visiting when you find it hard to be there. In addition, a Senior Companion becomes an advocate for your loved one and can report back to you.

Our professional senior companions strive to provide only the highest quality services to every senior and are committed to providing your loved one with the highest quality of life possible. To find out more about how ATrustedFamilyCompanion can help you and your senior loved ones live happily and safely at home, contact us today! Follow us on Facebook to see how we are making a difference in the lives of seniors!

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