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Our Mission





As companion care providers we believe in the following structure:


  • Develop personalized, customized services and activities to support the quality of life that is as robust as possible.

  • Encourage and support participation in religious cultural and social activities available in the community.

  • Work hand-in-hand with health care providers to ensure the plan of care is coordinated and seamless and, when necessary, that recoveries and rehabilitation achieve the maximum success.

  • Reinforce effective channels of communication with the care recipient, physician and/or other organizations and service providers within the community whether it be healthcare, religious, social or cultural.

  • Provide regular reporting and communication with family members to ensure that the loved one and family are satisfied with the care provider.

Live, Laugh and Learn---These three words sum up the philosophy of care to enrich the lives of the elderly 

by Trusted Family Companions. We believe that giving a senior person heartfelt companionship, pleasant conversation, relevant activities, and assistance with mobility will help improve their quality of life. Simply,

we want them to live as full and independent lives as possible, and to find joy and laughter.

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