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My highest priority is to secure high-quality, compassionate care for my wife. .This is the reason that I rely on "A Trusted Family Companion" to provide caregivers for our family. The caregivers that they have provided to us are true professionals who deliver care with skill, compassion, and dedication. They are professionals who are truly happy in their work. This is in large part due to the supportive work environment that Dr. Anamaria Cobo has created in A Trusted Family Companion; where clients are sincerely appreciated and caregivers are respected as valued professionals. Given Dr. Cobo's long career in the caring profession, this is no surprise; it is her core principle. Therefore I am pleased to recommend A Trusted Family Companion with my highest enthusiasm.

James M. England, MD, PhD
Chair and Professor Emeritus

Drexel University College of Medicine

Her caregivers have been a saving grace for my 88-year-old cousin since she transitioned to the Memory Unit. It has fostered a new attitude in her need to have healthy and continued contact with the Nursing community that would otherwise be limited. As her Power of Attorney, it was one of the best decisions for her well-being. 

Mark Chandler




We hired Anamaria as a companion for my Mother about a year ago. I was able to see first hand, how she worked

her magic with my Mother. Often, Mom would be unsettled or anxious but as soon as Anamaria appeared, she became calm.


Working with the elderly is a very challenging responsibility that demands patience and flexibility.

Anamaria excels in both areas. She continues to impress me with her enthusiasm and high energy level. She always arrives with her activity bag ready to entertain and care for my Mother. Other families always ask us how we were so lucky to have found Anamaria! 
Her interpersonal skills and willingness to deal with challenging situations is also one of her strong suits.

Her personal warmth, professionalism, and attention to details make Anamaria the perfect choice as a companion for the elderly. 


Marti Rodgers


We hired Anamaria to help my elderly father after the passing of my mother. She was initially asked to provide some companionship for Dad and to attend

to his daily needs while I was working during the day.

Once she got started, it quickly became apparent that we had come upon the perfect situation. In no time at all, she was able to relate to Dad with a manner

that exuded warmth, caring, and compassion. In no time at all, she became Dad’s new best friend. She intuitively knew what was on his mind and though Dad had difficulty communicating, Anamarie always understood what he needed. She was competent, reliable and totally positive in her dealings with Dad.

It was if one of our immediate family was on the job.

We had complete confidence in Anamaria.


Later, when it became apparent that we needed to move Dad into a nursing facility, we asked Anamaria to stay on and continue her visits with Dad. The comfort she offered to Dad made a difficult situation so much easier to deal with. I can only feel blessed that we

were able to have her in our lives. My siblings and I unhesitatingly recommend Anamaria as a companion to your loved one. 


 John Burns III

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