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Would Your "Senior Loved Ones" Home Pass the “Safety Test”?

Today more and more senior citizens are opting to stay in their home rather than go to an assisted living facility, move in with one of their children or go into a nursing home. However, one area that is sometimes ignored is just how safe the home really is for someone who is elderly. Being aware of potential dangers means that we can better prepare in case of an emergency, prevent accidents and ensure that our senior loved ones are safe and healthy. Learn how to make your elderly’s home safe, stay healthy and more with these easy senior safety tips.

Bathroom Safety

· Have a grab bar installed inside of a shower or tub

· Have a nightlight that automatically turns on in the evening

· Install non-slip strips of bathmat inside a bathtub

· Use a shower chair if you are having stability issues

· Turn hot water heater to 120 degrees

· Use door locks that can be opened from both sides

· Remove any type of throw rug

Kitchen Safety

· Keep floors clean and uncluttered

· Remove any throw rugs

· Make sure food is rotated regularly and expired food is discarded

· Clearly mark on and off switches on appliances

· Make sure work areas are clearly illuminated

· Store heavy objects at waist level

Living Room Safety

· Make sure there is adequate room to walk around. Move furniture closer to walls

· Remove any glass furniture

· Purchase baskets to remove and keep clutter (magazines, newspapers, etc.) off the floor

· Remove any throw rugs

· Install LED light bulbs and provide good lighting.

· Use a timer in the LR to keep it lit at night for safety purposes

· De-clutter tangled chords and make sure outlets are not over loaded

· Have a cordless phone to carry around or a cell phone

· Minimize thresholds between rooms

· Check carpet and make sure it is tight/consider having it re-stretched if it is loose


· Make sure stairs are well light

· Have a switch to turn off stair lights at the top and bottom of the stairs

· Check carpet to make sure it is no loose

· If senior citizen has difficulty with stairs consider installing a chair lift

· Install stair railing on both sides and check frequently to make sure they are secure


General Safety Tips

· Consider a installing a home security system along with video surveillance cameras

· Place a chair in bedroom near bureau for easier dressing

· Install smoke detectors on each level of the houses and one outside of each bedroom

· Install a Co2 detector on each level of the home

· Keep a fire extinguisher handy

· Purchase battery backup lighting that is activated during power outage

· Consider installing motion activated light sensors throughout the house

· Consider purchasing a home alert monitor in case of falls or emergency

· Place a lockbox on front door with house keys in case of emergency so people can access the home

· Keep a visible list of emergency numbers in large type at several locations throughout the house

Don’t wait until it is too late to take an assessment of your senior’s' environment! Instituting the above-mentioned items can prevent a fall and save a life!

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