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Late Life and End of Life Consulting Services

Feeling lost or overwhelmed by decisions regarding your loved one? Dr. Cobo has years of experience helping clients navigate these difficult situations. She can provide detailed information and personalized guidance regarding various services and decision points about your loved one late in life. 

For example:

  • ​How do I go about obtaining hospice services?

  • What hospice providers are there?

  • What services do they offer and who pays for them?

  • How do I decide when the time is right to bring in hospice care? (It is not only at the end of life),

  • How do I ensure my loved one will receive last rites or any final prayers in the hospital?

  • What do I do if my loved one dies in a hospital? What does the hospital do? What must I do? What does the funeral home do?

Dr. Cobo can step in and help during the most emotionally challenging times for you and your family. Call her today (610-291-6627) for an initial consultation or if you are struggling with any of these decisions. 

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