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Who We Are 

Dr. Anamaria Cobo, Ed.D. is the Director of A Trusted Family Companion, a locally owned non-franchised senior care companion company. We serve in Delaware and Chester County, including the Mainline area.

Dr. Anamaria Cobo brings a rich blend of experience from her work at the University of Pennsylvania and Swarthmore College. Dr. Cobo formerly worked at the Media Wellness Center where she managed the Brain Gauge Assessment program - Brain Gauge is a cognitive assessment tool that uses touch-based sensory testing to measure brain health.

Dr. Cobo has also served as a caregiver for many years. She has vast experience dealing with Alzheimer's and dementia clients. Dr. Cobo has also worked closely with seniors who have various disabilities.

Dr. Cobo works with her team to develop personalized,customized services and activities to support the quality of life that is as robust as possible. 

 "To say I am passionate about our elderly is an understatement. They are our history and our soul.  I, for one, am committed to ensuring their senior years are respected and are as productive as possible. I look forward to helping  your  loved one and becoming a part of your care network!"

Dr. Anamaria Cobo, Ed.D.

Owner, Care Companion Coordinator



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